Should Babies get Christmas Gifts?

For new moms, the holidays become even more exciting and meaningful when there is a little one to share the festivities with. Christmas and children just go hand-in-hand and as a mom of three I can tell you how wonderful it feels to see the smiles of my children on Christmas morning. But if this is your first Christmas with a new baby at home, here are a few tips that I’ve acquired through my own personal experience.

babies-christmas-giftsFirst thing, don’t go overboard on the gifts for the new baby. I even suggest moms to consider no gifts. Yes, this may sound harsh and some may say I’m a Grinch, but think about it. Babies have no idea it’s Christmas. Buying a ton of gifts just because you’re excited about having a baby around the Holidays honestly does not make a lot of financial sense.

Babies are more likely to be fascinated with the lights on the tree and get excited by unwrapping and playing with the box the toy comes in than the actual present inside. Lets be honest their attention span is that of 30 seconds.

I’m not saying don’t get them anything but be smart about it. I’ve heard of moms that instead of buying the babies anything they start a savings account for them. Many babies are not interested in the traditional toy, so why go out and spend a lot of money on things they don’t even care about? Your money could be better spent elsewhere… diapers are always a good thing. You can certainly buy some clothing and a few baby toys that they will grow into all useful things just remember they are going to outgrow them quickly.

Don’t worry, your children will receive plenty of gifts from their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors.

The Best Gifts you can give your children on Christmas.

My greatest advice I can give as a mom, take lots of pictures. Create memories from your child’s first Christmas. Have fun with the festive backdrop of a decorated tree and lights. And make sure to capture your baby’s reactions to all the lights, smells and tastes. Those pictures and memories are priceless and sharable on Christmas year after year.
Now, if you really really want to buy something for your baby, make it a memento or a keepsake like a “1st Christmas” ornament, or a baby onesie that you can use in photos. Christmas is a time to celebrate the bond that a family shares, especially one that is growing.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays