Creative Ways To Document Baby’s First Year

Baby Clothes Quilt-

This is just adorable. Take 48 shirts from baby’s first year and have them made into a quilt your little one can keep forever. Not only is this a super cute idea, I’m sure this is going to be one of the most comfortable blankies in the house.

Kelly Creations


Monthly Baby Onesies-

We’ve all seen these before so it would just be a crime to not mention them. Check out these awesome monthly stickers you can use for either professional photos or even DIY photos at home.

Little Baby Bumblebee


Baby’s First Year Picture Frame-

Here is a simple way to document photos of baby’s first year, whether to put in your little one’s room. This would also be a great gift idea for a mommy or daddy for mothers day or fathers day.

Designs By Picture This


Growth Info Pictures-

How cute is this photo?!?! Listing all of the baby’s favorite things such as food and toys as well as milestones that mommy and daddy want to remember forever. Have this awesome canvas made for your little ones room yet use it in a photo that you can give to everyone at baby’s first birthday party. What’s awesome is you can do this every year!

Madi Kay Designs


Weekly Photos Book-

This is great for creating memories documenting each week of your little ones first year. It’s amazing how much a baby can change even week to week.

Images Via: Copy Cat Chic

Where to buy: Mix Book


The Ultimate Scrapbook-

Something you can create on your own. Each month make a different page with an updated image of your baby as well as items that remind you of that special month.


Monthly Notes About U-

This is a fun way to remember the little things. Each month you write their specs (Weight & Height) as well as bullet points about them. You can write about things they enjoyed eating, playing with, as well as milestones that happened that month. You can find this template through the link below.

A Day In My Life


Dear Sophie Video-

First Ladies and Gents let me start by telling you get your tissues out!! I actually have done this for all three of my children, starting when I was pregnant with each of them. Take a short minute out to view this video and trust me your next stop will be to Google Mail to start creating.