When Should Babies Wear Shoes

No one can deny that little shoes on babies look adorable, but is it right to wear them? Baby shoes are just way too darn cute, but they are not always necessary. So the question is, when should babies wear shoes? Baby Specialists and experienced mothers recommend letting babies go barefoot as long as possible. Not wearing shoes helps kids improve their balance, strength, and coordination.

When Should Babies Wear Shoes

When babies are barefoot, they can wiggle their toes, grip the floor, balance themselves, and push off with their feet muscles. Going barefoot as much as possible will help strengthen their arches and leg muscles, and makes it easier for the baby’s feet to develop right.

When to put your baby in shoes

You’ll need to buy your baby her first shoes when they are securely walking around on their own. It’s always best to buy your baby new shoes. Second-hand shoes won’t give your baby the right support.

babies-wear-shoesThink about this, babies’ feet double in size in their first year, and continue to grow rapidly after that, so you’ll need to get them measured every six to eight weeks. You might need to buy a couple of pairs of shoes a year, but it’s important to have the right shoes to help your child walk, run, and climb safely.

Keep an eye out for signs that his shoes are too tight:

  • Toe comes to the top of the shoe,
  • Toes have red marks or blisters,
  • Protests when you put on his shoes or take them off.

What about when they are outside?

To prevent injuries babies should be wearing firm shoes, especially when they are outside. Shoes protect a baby from sunburns, cold weather, scratches and bumps. Don’t keep shoes on for too long. When your baby has the opportunity to go barefoot, take their shoes off.

Baby shoes are sentimental and appealing, so you can’t blame parents for running out and purchasing little shoes for their offspring, whether or not they need them.

What experience as mothers do you have with baby shoes? Do you have any tips that can help other mothers? We would love to hear them.