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How do you know if your pregnant?

How can you be pregnant and not know it? As unbelievable as it sounds it is very common. See the symptoms and signs that may reveal if you’re expecting a small bundle of joy. How do you know if your pregnant? Sore Breasts After the egg is fertilized progesterone and HCG start saturating the body […]

When Should Babies Wear Shoes

No one can deny that little shoes on babies look adorable, but is it right to wear them? Baby shoes are just way too darn cute, but they are not always necessary. So the question is, when should babies wear shoes? Baby Specialists and experienced mothers recommend letting babies go barefoot as long as possible. […]

At what age do babies crawl?

Many moms, especially new ones, question “At what age do babies crawl?” Most experts and veteran moms will tell you, that babies begin crawling when they’ve fully mastered all the skills needed. Babies require certain neurological skills and a certain amount of physical strength to begin crawling. How babies learn to crawl Moms, you will […]